Attention Trainers!
We all agree that technology helps to improve teaching and learning when used wisely. Technology can give teachers innovative ways to engage students, improve retention, and make learning more interactive. Online learning has become the future of training. YawnBuster and YawnBuster Connect make learning environment interactive and engaging. However in online meetings, it becomes hard to make out the attentiveness of the class.
Some of the primary challenges that are faced in online meetings are:
Attention of audience in the session, especially when they are at remote places
Medium of discussion remains only through chat
Responses gained through chat become hard to collate

YawnBuster Connect solves these challenges with its distinguished features. Such as:
Easy way to engage your audience in different ways such Polls, Brainstorm, Games etc
Responses get collated in a pictorial way
Generation of enhanced reports
No Hardware/Software needed for Audience

YawnBuster Connect Usability

Here are some ideas through which the online sessions get more interactive using YawnBuster Connect:
Group Activity Where and How to Use
Brainstorm Invite ideas on a topic, get learners thinking, make an inventory of ideas before moving further, draft and organize the session, get audience feedback by creating and asking questions using YawnBuster Connect.
Show of Hands Conduct a quick poll, get learners to open up, understand their knowledge level at the beginning of class and elicit feedback using YawnBuster Connect.
Key Take Away Get learners to summarize your lecture and note the key takeaways interactively.
Spin the Wheel Let your audience answer questions for various categories to win the points associated with it.
YawnBuster Connect Demo