Essential Pack
YawnBuster provides eight high-impact Group Activities in its Essentials Pack. These activities are classified as: Participation Enhancers, Learner Collaboration Activities and Breathers.

Participation Enhancers
With the help of Participation Enhancers, conduct quick polls and invite ideas to understand your learner’s viewpoints. Also use these to capture and summarize the action items and questions right inside your PowerPoint presentation.

Click to view Demo Show of Hands
Ideal in the beginning of your presentation, and also appropriate whenever you need to conduct a quick poll.
Impact Type: Icebreaker
Click to view Demo Brainstorm
A great way to invite ideas on a topic and also to build a rallying point for your learners around an issue.
Impact Type: Activator
Click to view Demo Key Takeaway
What better way to summarize your ideas than have students build the key takeaways interactively?
Impact Type: Closure

Learner Collaboration Activities
Get your learners do focused thinking to debate and collaborate and arrive at a consensus using these activities.

Click to view Demo Sequence
Students collaboratively place bits of information in sequence by priority, chronology or other such criteria.
Impact Type: Activator

Challenge your learners by generating healthy competition using fun games in your presentation.

Click to view Demo Point of View
Useful when you need a way to bring together multiple viewpoints on a given question or topic.
Impact Type: Group Exercise
Click to view Demo Quiz Show
A game show style challenge involving questions with a scoring strategy that fosters competition among students in a group or class.
Impact Type: Group Exercise
Click to view Demo Bingo!
This popular party game generates excitement as students answer questions to win a house. A sure hit with all age groups, a great game format that also ensures reinforcement of knowledge conveyed.
Impact Type: Energizer Game
Click to view Demo Spider's Web
This group activity organizes questions in a multilevel game-like format by increasing level of difficulty. Ideal for K-12 and above
Impact Type: Energizer Game