Training Games Pack

With YawnBuster Training Games Pack, trainers and educators can ensure that their learners are trained in an engaging way. You can energize your learners and enhance their knowledge to reinforce core concepts being taught in sessions. Use question types which go beyond the standard style. Make training sessions exciting and fun with games and questions that stimulate interaction and reinforce learning.

The Training Games Pack includes variety of exciting games classified under TV Game Shows and Letter Games categories.

TV Game Shows
Inspire and energize your learners with exciting television games including Answer or Deal and Grader Game Show. These games are useful to energize the learners whilst testing their knowledge skills.
Click to view Demo Answer or Deal
Test the knowledge and confidence of your students. Assign full score to correct answers and answer options your student is confident about, yet give him/her a chance to attempt questions s(he) is unsure about.
Click to view Demo Grader Game Show
A useful activity to test your students’ concepts and audience knowledge on multiple topics. Help them attempt questions with hints.
Click to view Demo Treasure Hunt
Make your students play the Treasure Hunt game based on interesting question/answer sessions. This is an engaging game with a certain percentage of luck factor associated for each group!
Click to view Demo Million Dollar Quiz
Design a quiz that follows a fun format which is also effective as a knowledge check at various levels. It can be used to test your learners’ grasping power.
Letter Games
Add excitement in your training sessions with Letter Games. Mix fun with learning using Letter Games such as Letter Pool and Hangman. Challenge your learners and get them involved in the classroom sessions with ease. Make learners apply their knowledge and skills with these captivating activities.
Click to view Demo Letter Pool
Make list building fun for your students! Create an interesting Letter Pool game with scrambled alphabets and keep learners engaged whilst finding the correct answers.
Click to view Demo Hangman
A useful group activity to make your students recall complex terms and reinforce main points discussed in a classroom session.