YawnBuster Overview
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Infuse a fresh breath of life in your PowerPoint presentations with YawnBuster. YawnBuster software helps you easily incorporate exciting, engaging and effective group activities right inside PowerPoint. Choose a wide variety of group activities from multiple categories like ice-breakers, energizers, participation enhancers and closures. Use these activities to make your students interact with you when you present. You can add them by simply selecting YawnBuster from the PowerPoint menu once it is installed. Any group activity that you select would be embedded right inside your PowerPoint file. Ain’t it pretty simple?

With YawnBuster®, your learners aren't just watching PowerPoint slides any more - they are interacting with you! Use it in your classroom sessions and bring them alive.

YawnBuster® Highlights:
  • A wide selection of Group Activities available right inside PowerPoint, including ice breakers, polling, games, closure activities and more.
  • Improves learner engagement and encourages participation
  • Ready customizable templates for all Activities
  • Easy customization
  • No programming required
  • Single PowerPoint file that bundles all Group Activities
  • Undivided attention from learners
YawnBuster Connect

While YawnBuster redefines interactive classroom sessions, the all new YawnBuster Connect lets you take it to a higher level with Audience Response System enabled group activities. YawnBuster Connect is a web based Audience Response System that allows audience responses to be captured in ‘face-to-face’ as well as 'virtual classrooms' without the need for any hardware or software installation on the students’ end. It provides instant, hassle free solution for capturing student responses without any investment in physical devices such as slammers, clickers or software keypads, which typically traditional Audience Response Systems would require. Your students just need a laptop or a mobile phone to interact with you.

See the distance between your learners and you vanish with YawnBuster Connect!

When using YawnBuster Connect, the students interact with the presenter through hand-held devices, smart phones and laptops by simply visiting a URL. Every student gets a chance to be heard by responding to the questions, participating in a poll or game, and even by typing in free-form text to chime in with their opinions.

Explore YawnBuster connect

Highlights of YawnBuster Connect:
  • Easy to install and use
  • No additional hardware/software installation for your learners
  • Useful for both traditional and virtual classrooms
  • Pictorial depiction of responses
  • Generation of enhanced reports
  • Export data to XLS or PDF format
"YawnBuster is by far the most complete and innovative application that offers group activities for PowerPoint®... An incredible piece of software..."
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Antonios Daskos | Managing Director,
“True to its name, YawnBuster is a plug in that can make PowerPoint presentations more interesting through interactive components...”
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or Consultants Across the Globe
“Yawnbuster is designed to help presenters keep audiences interested and stop them disengaging from the content of the presentation...”
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