YawnBuster Partner

At Harbinger Knowledge Products, we believe in crafting win-win alliances. The goal of our alliances program is to provide an end-to-end solution to customers' presentation needs. Our Partnerships are based on the principle that value to the end customer is maximized through the partnership.

We pay particular attention to partner support, because we believe our partners' success is crucial to ours. Come, join us and develop additional revenue streams and strengthen customer relationships.

A few reasons to consider becoming our reseller:
Innovative Offerings
YawnBuster introduces the paradigm of including group activities in PowerPoint. For millions of presenter worldwide, YawnBuster provides a quick and easy with to add group activities like activators, group games, group exercises etc to their presentations and make them more compelling and convincing. By becoming our reseller, you can very effectively differentiate yourself from the lot.
Marketing Assistance
We invest significant amount of monies in marketing initiatives and we also do joint promotions and marketing campaigns with our partners. We also assist you with your online marketing initiatives such as website design, search engine optimization, lead generation through online marketing and social media. This will help you create faster awareness of the products in your market and also generate leads.
Our commission structure is very rewarding – it is very aggressive and ensures high returns as the sales volumes grow.
Competitive End-user Pricing and Discounts for Government Agencies, Education Institutes and Non Profits
The product pricing is very competitive and we also offer great multi-license discounts. We also have special pricing and offers for government agencies, educational institutes and non-profits.

Interested? Contact us at (425) 861-8400. You can also email us at info@yawnbuster.com.