Competitive Games Pack
With the YawnBuster Competitive Games Pack facilitators like managers, trainers and consultants can use ready games and enjoy complete audience engagement and involvement in their facilitated sessions.

The Competitive Games Pack provides variety of games classified as: Strategy Games and TV Game Shows

Strategy Games

Let learners strategize which gold to mine, find out the way to reach the top of the pyramid, face the questions in rapid fire to collect maximum points based on their competencies and confidence. This involves the learners and allows them to collaborate in groups to strategize and develop team spirit to win competitive games. These games let them develop strategies in order to deduce the best way to play and win a game.

Click to view Demo Reach the Top
Encourage collaboration between teams and test their confidence while they bet on an answer for a given question.
Click to view Demo Mine the Gold
Create a lively environment in the session. Allow your audiences to collect points by collecting gold nuggets and answering questions.
Click to view Demo Rapid Fire
Energize the audience, increase participation and concentration among attendees.

TV Game Shows

These simple but easy to play games help you create engaging, attention-grabbing and motivating presentations. Energize your audience and motivate them to participate in groups as they pay attention to the topic through a fun-play-learn environment.
Click to view Demo Feud Game Show
Generate excitement and encourage group participation among your audience.
Click to view Demo Bet, Answer and Win (a Jeopardy like game)
Help your audience to learn, practice, and review concepts taught in training session.
Click to view Demo Spin the Wheel
To let your audience answer questions for various categories to win the points associated with it.