Business Activities Pack

This pack includes exciting group activities that make corporate training sessions and presentations engaging and interactive. The group activities engage the audience and motivate them to participate actively in the session to learn more! Activities such as Parking Lot, T-Chart, Mind Map, Express Brainstorm etc. help the audience focus on main objectives.

Business Activities Pack includes activities classified under Participation Enhancers and Audience Collaboration Activities.

Participation Enhancers
Get your audience to interact and discuss, with interesting brainstorm sessions. Capture the essential points and record relevant information. These activities are ideal to increase participation levels.
Click to view Demo Parking Lot
Parking Lot activity helps a presenter to capture information in meetings and brainstorming sessions. It also helps to record relevant information and questions while presenting. This information can then be displayed to the audience with an interesting question-answer session at the end. Parking lot also acts as a flipchart which can now be added to your PowerPoint Presentations!
Click to view Demo Express Brainstorm
Express brainstorm activity helps participants to list down their ideas and thoughts on a given concept in a very limited time frame. Group with maximum number of ideas or features listed, gets maximum score. It is a great way to energize the audience with the topics discussed in the session. It also helps participants to express themselves concisely.
Click to view Demo Brainstorm and Prioritize
Brainstorm is a creative group exercise designed to generate a large number of ideas on a given topic. All contributions are accepted without initial comments. After the list of ideas is finalized, audience can prioritize those on the basis of criticality and importance. Brainstorming helps to welcome unique ideas without criticism. Sequencing and prioritizing those help in improving them and laying them in the order of importance. This activity helps to boost team morale, enhance work environment and improve team work.

Audience Collaboration
Make audiences collaborate in groups through these group activities. These activities are useful to develop thinking ability and display information in structured manner.

Click to view Demo T-Chart
A T-Chart is a graphical way of representing two facets of a topic. The topic or concept is written at the top of the chart and contrasting elements are listed down on either side of the "T". It helps to make decision by comparing advantages and disadvantages of a certain thing; it helps to enumerate problems and solutions associated with an action etc. It helps in comparing two things, identifying similarities on the left and differences on the right; positives vs. negatives, leaders vs. managers etc.
Click to view Demo Mind-Map
Mind-Map is a powerful graphical technique to represent relationships between ideas or other pieces of information. It assists in faster information sharing with audiences. It also helps to visually represent their understanding of a concept being discussed. The structured approach helps one to present the information easily and display the relation between the various pieces of information. This activity helps your team collaboratively create a mind-map on a given topic.