Attention Trainers!
Research suggests that Group Activities can significantly enhance attention in a classroom. If you are looking for an easy way to build and effortlessly facilitate Group Activities in your classroom sessions, look no further. With YawnBuster, you will never wonder if your learners are with you.
You will always have their attention, involvement and interest throughout the duration of the class. Whether you are an instructor, teacher, trainer, educator or presenter, bring your classroom sessions alive with best-of-class Group Activities in YawnBuster.
With YawnBuster you can:
Make classroom training more interesting
Rest assured the whole class is with you and nobody is left behind
Choose from a variety of Icebreakers, Activators, Group Exercises, Energizer Games and Closers.

Here are some suggestions for using the Group Activities included with YawnBuster to bring your class alive!
Group Activity Impact Type Where and How to Use in Classroom
Show of Hands Icebreakers Conduct a quick poll, get learners to open up, understand their knowledge level at the beginning of class and elicit feedback.
Brainstorm Activators Invite ideas on a topic, get learners thinking, make an inventory of ideas before moving further.
Sequence Activators Provide information in pieces that the class must order collaboratively in response to the sequencing criteria you set for them.
Point of View Group Exercises When the answer to a question depends on one's point of view, you need a way to make learners understand multiple viewpoints on a given question.

In this group activity, each group represents a perspective. Groups compete to get maximum score as they answer the same question, where the right answer changes based on the group's perspective.

Quiz Show Group Exercises Have the entire class participate a game show style challenge, rotate turns between groups, pose questions, use the in-built scoreboard to create a sense of competition among learner groups.
Bingo! Energizer Games This popular party game generates excitement as participants answer questions to win a house.

A sure hit with all audiences, a great game format that ensures reinforcement of knowledge conveyed, great as an energizer in the later part of your class session.

Spider's Web Energizer Games Make teams of learners and get them to compete, have them try to get out of the spider's web by answering questions with increasing difficulty levels.

Each group plays a prey trying to escape the spider's web by answering questions that get harder as you go out.

Key Takeaway Closers Get the learners to summarize your lecture and note its key takeaways interactively.