“I love how simple YawnBuster is to use, I'll be using it on all my PowerPoint presentations! Awesome customer support. ”  
  Mary Coughlin

  “Q-Training is a business & IT Training institution specializing in presentation skills and Train The Trainer training. In the past, we have struggled to keep participants in our programs involved and energized instead of only watching static PowerPoint® slides. YawnBuster is by far the most complete and innovative application that offers group activities such as audience polls, games, group exercises and competitions for PowerPoint®. It is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use software that has allowed us to easily combine knowledge and information transfer with fun. An incredible piece of software that is a must-have if you want to involve participants in your presentations and training sessions!”  
  Antonios Daskos
Managing Director, Q-Training
  “YawnBuster is simple, easy to learn and use. It is effective to enhance to student learning.”  
  Prof. Patricia Sadar
Managing Partner, People2Strategy, USA
  “If you are looking for a tool to incorporate Flash based group activity in PowerPoint on-the-fly and use it in your classroom training courses, YawnBuster fits the bill well.”  
  Chris Flaherty
Instructional Designer, Purple Learning, Australia