YawnBuster Reviews

m62 | 3 May, 2014

World's leading presentation development company

“Yawnbuster is designed to help presenters keep audiences interested and stop them disengaging from the content of the presentation – a highly destructive phenomenon experienced by 99% of presenters everywhere...” Read More

24Point0 | Dec, 2010
On-time Presentation Formatting for Consultants Across the Globe

How eLearning Tool YawnBuster Works with PowerPoint

“True to its name, YawnBuster is a plug in that can make PowerPoint presentations more interesting through interactive components...”

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn | 19 Oct, 2010

Technology Bits Bytes & Nibbles

“YawnBuster Training Games Pack is a boon for trainers, managers, instructors and teachers. This brand new addition ensures learners are trained in a fun-filled and engaging environment...” Read More

Damien Moroney | 6 Sep, 2010
Ninety Five 5

Wakeup your PowerPoint presentations with 'YawnBuster'
“YawnBuster is actually a software "plug-in" for PowerPoint that allows you to poll audiences and instantly display results during a presentation...” Read More

Margaret Snell | 11 May, 2010
e.learning age

Games add-on to YawnBuster
“The Competitive Games Pack helps trainers to build a variety of strategy games and popular TV games such as Feud Game Show, Spin the Wheel, Bet, Answer and Reach the Top into their sessions...”

Geetesh Bajaj | 11 Aug, 2009
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

“YawnBuster is an interactive PowerPoint® add-in by Harbinger Knoweldge Products that brings alive your slides with group activities such as audience polls, games, group exercises and competitions. And best of all, you can add all this stuff on your slides without leaving the familiar PowerPoint environment...” Read More

Clive Shepherd | 14 Dec, 2008
Clive on Learning

“YawnBuster is a set of Flash templates that installs as a PowerPoint add-in. It allows you to incorporate structured group activities in your presentations, with the aid of on-screen prompts, scoring and whizzy animation...” Read More

Nancy McKeand | 15 Oct, 2008
Random Thoughts

“I went to check it out because it sounded like a great idea: group activities that can be embedded into your powerpoint presentations. When I went there, I was really impressed...” Read More

Jane Hart | 15 Oct, 2008
Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

“With YawnBuster, you get Flash templates for group activities, which are embeddable right inside PowerPoint...” Read More

Trainers Warehouse

“With YawnBuster, you always have undivided attention of your audience: after all, they aren't just watching PowerPoint slides any more -- they are interacting with you...” Read More