Harbinger Group Launches YawnBuster

  • October 13, 2008

Harbinger Group, the global provider of software products and services, today launched YawnBuster, a path-breaking new addition to its range of innovative software products. (www.yawnbuster.com)

The central idea of YawnBuster is to make presentations more lively and interactive. YawnBuster can be used in corporate training, education, sales presentations, business meetings, and other such applications.

YawnBuster adds life to PowerPoint slides with Group Activities such as audience polls, games, group exercises and competitions. Now, presenters can get their audience to think, enjoy, participate and identify key takeaways of their sessions quickly and easily. YawnBuster software helps presenters easily add group activities to their PowerPoint presentations.

“YawnBuster is useful for every person in the world who needs to make a presentation. YawnBuster has been a latent need felt by countless presenters and their audiences, both facing boredom and not knowing how to enliven their meetings,” said Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director of Harbinger Group. “YawnBuster embodies Harbinger Group’s deep knowledge of interactivity, gained from research in e-learning and informal learning. We are excited to bring that knowledge to classrooms and meetings through YawnBuster.” he added.
YawnBuster brings together PowerPoint and Flash, two most popular tools used in presentations and web development. With YawnBuster, a PowerPoint user can quickly and easily introduce Flash based group activities in the presentation, with no need for programming. What enables this is a patent-pending technology developed indigenously by Harbinger.

There are several high-impact Group Activities included with YawnBuster. Each of these activities has a different impact on the group. Some act as ice-breakers, yet others as energizers, and few others as contests, or as session closers. The game-like format of these activities allows the audience to express their thoughts as well as collaborate with other like-minded participants in the audience. Key takeaways can be listed down based on the important points in each section of the presentation and mailed to all participants in an easy-to-read format.
Over the next few weeks, Harbinger will be launching YawnBuster at seven major global events in San Jose, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Shanghai, London, Paris and Berlin. Harbinger will leverage its direct presence in India, US and UK as well as its channel partner network to reach markets in 40 countries.

The product web site appeals to presenters: “With YawnBuster, you always have undivided attention of the audience: after all, they aren’t just watching PowerPoint slides any more – they are interacting with you!”

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